Electronic Documents

Ensuring data integrity while protecting what matters most

As counterfeiting techniques of smart documents have become more sophisticated, it has become evident that high level security measures must be taken to avoid any possibility of forgery. Smart Documents offer governmental entities the ability to possess these vital documents at the minimum level of risk due to its highly advanced features that combine to provide the optimal level of traceability, authentication and ultimately protection.


90 %

Of ID Fraud Involved the Reproduction of an Original Document

£3.2 T

Lost Within the Global Economy Due to the Forgery of Documents

47 %

Of all Identity Document Fraud is Classed as "Medium" Sophisticated Fraud


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Product Traceability & Authentication

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License Management

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Foils & Films

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Data Enablers

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Document Authentication


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Biometric Solution

Enabling governmental authorities to tackle crime more effectively, prevent voter or public benefits fraud, secure national borders, and protect identities for security purposes.

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ID verification

Integrating the latest facial recognition technology with a focus on privacy, ID verification systems provide a secure and intelligent identification verification procedure.

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Border and Travel Management

Deliver seamless travel services with online visa applications, enhanced border intelligence for detection and prevention, and provide travelers with convenience for a rapid and secure border crossing.

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Vehicle License Management

Providing the maximum level of protection against license plate cloning through enhanced and secure technologies.