COnsumer engagement

Turn engaged customers into loyal ones

We deliver unique, tailored loyalty programs and engagement strategies that drive customer satisfaction, improve long-term retention, and increase the number of loyal customers. Our customized approach ensures that each program aligns with your brand and meets the specific needs of your audience.

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We have increased our clients’ retention by over

engagement redefined

our step-by-step approach


Discovery and Assessment

Conduct an in-depth analysis and identify key areas where value can be added

Strategy Development

Develop a customized customer engagement strategy, outlining specific initiatives, tactics, and metrics

Platform Setup and Integration

We assist in setting up and integrating the necessary tools into your existing systems.

Seamless Communication

Ensure that clear communication is built in within the customer journey.

Data Analysis and optimization

Analyze, monitor, and optimize the data collected.
Clients Testimonials

Experiences Shared From Our Valued Partners

Thanks to SCOPSIS, we have seen a remarkable increase in customer retention. Their personalized approach and innovative strategies have truly transformed our relationship with our customers. Highly recommended!
head of customer service, hospitality Industry
The most important metric for any B2C company is retention, and SCOPSIS's customer engagement solution has been a game-changer for our business.
marketing specialist, consumer goods industry
Within a month, we are already starting to see the positive effects. Seriously, With SCOPSIS, we're gaining invaluable insights that are reshaping our strategies and driving tangible results.
Customer relationship manager, Finance Industry
Initially, we thought that a loyalty program would be very easy to make. Wasn't the case at all until we started working with SCOPSIS.
head of marketing, fashion Industry
frequently asked quetions

Get Informed Quickly

What are consumer engagement strategies and how can they help my business?

Consumer engagement strategies are methods used to interact with customers, helping to build loyalty, increase retention, and drive sales.

How can SCOPSIS's consumer engagement solutions help my business build stronger relationships with customers?

SCOPSIS's consumer engagement solutions help build stronger customer relationships through product authentication, loyalty programs, gamified interactions, and ultimately targeted marketing.

What types of products and industries are best suited for SCOPSIS solutions?

SCOPSIS solutions are ideal for industries such as retail, healthcare, FMCG and manufacturing, particularly for products needing precise data analysis, customer engagement, and brand protection.

What kind of data can your business access through SCOPSIS engagement features?

Businesses can access data such as purchase history, loyalty points, personalized offers, and product details through SCOPSIS engagement features.

How can I customize the SCOPSIS platform to showcase my brand and messaging?

You can customize the SCOPSIS platform by adjusting the visual design, incorporating your brand elements, and tailoring content to reflect your brand messaging.

How long does it typically take to implement the consumer engagement solution?

Implementing a consumer engagement solution typically takes about 1 to 2 months, depending on your business needs.

How can SCOPSIS help me protect my brand from counterfeiting and fraud?

SCOPSIS combats counterfeiting and fraud with unique product authentication labels and a verification app that displays comprehensive product information.

How does the SCOPSIS mobile app work for consumers?

The SCOPSIS mobile app allows consumers to verify product authenticity, fill out their information for personalized experiences, and engage with loyalty programs through a user-friendly interface.

Can I integrate SCOPSIS with my existing marketing or CRM platform?

Yes, SCOPSIS can be integrated with your existing marketing or CRM platform to streamline data and enhance customer engagement efforts.

Does SCOPSIS offer any features for personalized marketing or customer engagement campaigns?

No, SCOPSIS does not offer personalized marketing or customer engagement campaign features directly; it focuses on providing robust business intelligence and data analytics solutions.