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At SCOPSIS we aim to provide top quality protection to our clients!

Along with our staff of professionals, we develop specialized electronic and physical security systems including Border Control and Room Management Systems, Intercom and Phone Entry Systems, Alarm Systems, Security Cameras and Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems, Software Development Processes and Biometrics, to comply with your policy requirements and exceed industry and government standards.



Our Story

Scopsis ensures production quality, safety and service integrity, together with a global network of partners, all to provide you with easy to use, highly secured services and respond rapidly to your objectives, no matter how complex they are, thus leading to highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Our Experience

With years of experience in supporting and managing today’s technological platforms, our team of certified professionals delivers on the industry’s most comprehensive set of services to grant each individual client what he truly seeks: cost-effective, comprehensive, cutting-edge business solutions for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.  

What We Offer

  • | Biometrics

    We shield your passwords, access to PCs, data, log ins to applications, Active Directory, and websites...

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  • | Control Room Management

    The control room is the heart of the plant and the security systems management’s focal point. Scopsis is a specialist in cutting-edge monitoring solutions for the following primary...

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  • | Power Systems

    We combine multiple sources to deliver non-intermittent electric power According to our renewable energy experts, an electric system that combines solar, wind and hybrid energy systems technologies...

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  • | CCTV

    Offices, government facilities, homes or any other location can be exposed to threats. Therefore, Security Cameras and Video Surveillance services from Scopsis assure 24/7...

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  • | Security Risk Management

    Comprehensive Security Risk Management and Consulting Support for your locations.

    In an ever-changing world where risks and threats emerge and evolve daily...

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  • | Logistics

    Our experts in the logistics sector understand the varying challenges to support our clients...

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  • | Border Control

    At Scopsis, we understand that customs and border control requires large and complex security solutions. Therefore, we present extremely cost-effective and robust solutions for border surveillance...

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  • | Software Development

    Because developing secure software is absolutely essential for securing your data.

    With the vast amount of threats that constantly pressure companies, governments...

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  • | IT infrastructure

     We passionately believe in proactive support and are focused on making IT as reliable as possible. In today’s wired world, Enterprise IT security infrastructure has become paramount with the rapid expansion of ...

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  • | Static guarding

    The presence of a security guard can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to you and your surrounding...

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We work smarter through digital counter-surveillance and psychological threat assessments, custom software, and biometrics, to insure optimized executive systems.

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Trust is an essential element of customer service. When it comes to security, our loyal clients trust the solutions provided for their personal and business environment.

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