IDENTITY & BIometric solutions



To Ensure Data Integrity

As counterfeiting techniques of smart documents have become more sophisticated, it has become evident that high level security measures must be taken to avoid any possibility of forgery.

Identity & biometric solutions offer the ability to possess these vital documents at the minimum level of risk due to its highly advanced features that combine to provide the optimal level of covert, overt and forensic security.

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90 %

Of ID Fraud Involved In The Reproduction of an Orginal Document

$3.2 T

Lost Within the Global Economy Due to The Forgery of Documents


Of all Identity Document Fraud is Classed as "Medium" Sophisticated Fraud

End-to-end Biometric Solutions


Secure Documents and Certifications

Comprehensive solution designed to combat counterfeiting within critical documents such as land registry records, death certificates, and beyond. Employing advanced encryption techniques, tamper-evident features, and blockchain technology, this solution ensures the integrity and authenticity of each document

Passport Solutions

SCOPSIS provides a fully integrated ePassport solution, encompassing all aspects from the issuance and customization of highly secure travel documents, like biometric passports, to enrollment and fortified border control security measures.

Identity Documents and Solutions

Being experts in customized secure ID solutions, SCOPSIS empowers governments to elevate security standards and implement electronic applications, fostering enhanced civic engagement and optimized operational efficiency.

Vehicle License Management

SCOPSIS empowers global government agencies with tailored driving license solutions, including secure issuance and streamlined enrollment processes. Our expertise enables confident delivery of secure licenses, enhancing road safety and regulatory compliance.

Border & Travel Management

SCOPSIS offers advanced solutions tailored for border management, visa processing, and document validation. Designed to ensure secure and efficient pre-travel and border control operations, our offerings cater to the needs of border agencies, government entities, and airports alike.