Brand Protection

An integrated solution to guarantee the protection of brands and ensure value deliverance

In today's interconnected world, there are numerous opportunities that allow brands to thrive but are many challenges a brand could face throughout this process. Although consumers may be interested in your product there are several entities who may damage one’s brand through complex counterfeit techniques. To avoid these issues and continuously succeed, firms need a comprehensive solution like SCOPSIS generated brand protection strategies. It is the only fully integrated brand protection solution that can help you maximize both offline and online opportunities with confidence that your brand is safe.

SCOPSIS’ brand protection solutions were created with the goal of developing innovative authentication solutions for brands and governments. Our team of visionaries recognized the potential for this technology to enable a fully integrated, data-centric approach to brand protection that goes beyond the concept of anti-counterfeiting. Our integrated solutions include supply chain optimization, consumer engagement, revenue protection, increased transparency, and increased brand equity. With our innovative techniques, the brand protection strategies guarantee any brand protection from a wide range of infringements, causing many of the world's most well-known brands to choose us as their partner.


Supply Chain Clarity

Workflow automation and multi-tier visibility will strengthen your supply chain. These days, customers demand product sustainability and authenticity, while businesses demand data integrity and quick partner reconciliation.

Digital Asset Management

By creating a singular digital representation of an asset as a token, you may move beyond using traditional financial instruments and exchange all forms of assets more efficiently with the guarantee of high-level security.

Digital Identity Security

A person can manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their personal device and maintain control over what they share, with whom, and for what purpose if you provide verifiable identity and credentials, such as personal health and education records, in a way that protects their privacy.

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The integration with Microsoft 365 integration

Based on user preferences and requirements, the data acquired through our solutions may seamlessly be integrated with any application located within the scope of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Simplifying routine business operations, while handling corporate data effortlessly.


The work process management across devices:

The suite combines robust analytics, design, development, and automation capabilities – all in one package – to help you maximize your business subscription.

Eliminates the requirement for multiple software licensing and maintenance since the necessary tools are integrated with Microsoft's power platform enterprise-grade platform enables the management of all types of information utilizing a unified interface and several different data-generation technologies.


Multiple users

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Brand Protection Implementation Across Industries

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Fashion & Apparel

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 Health & Pharma Industry

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Financial Technology

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$1.2 T

Worth of Counterfeit Goods

$323 B

Loss Due to Online Counterfeiting

$30.3 B

Losses Incurred by Luxury Brands


Increased Security

Greater Control

Maximized Brand Equity

Increased Consumer Loyalty

Maximized Sales

Elevated Quality Maintenance