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Offices, government facilities, homes or any other location can be exposed to threats. Therefore, Security Cameras and Video Surveillance services from Scopsis assure 24/7 monitoring from all angles.  

Closed-circuit television, known as CCTV technologies, comprise an extensive range of systems incorporating intelligent video analysis software, including Explosion Proof Cameras, Marine Cameras, Vandal Resistant, Cameras Prison Cell, Cameras Megapixel, Cameras ANPR, Cameras Thermal, and Covert Cameras, to assure the protection of your premises and enable you to address your security challenges with the most powerful solutions we offer. Scopsis’s qualified and accredited staff can advise you on the right CCTV hardware and software for your application such as Fiber Optical Transceiver devices, Twisted Pair Transceiver devices, Digital Recording systems, POE Switches and IP solutions, CCTV Recording and storage systems, CCTV control and video processing and Video analytics (ANPR).



Types of facilities covered

  • Port of entry
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Political Gathering/Event
  • Government sector

We provide security services that match your needs and budget!

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