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We offer tailored solutions to protect your peace of mind.


We shield your passwords, access to PCs, data, log ins to applications, Active Directory, and websites.

At Scopsis, we focus on extremely secure, highly convenient, cost effective biometric technologies, all applied to identity verification that could be applied in everyday life for important advances in our personal and professional lives.  Biometric access control systems help to securely restrict access to sensitive operations and assets, integrates with existing access control systems, and is easy to manage and administer on an individual user basis.

 Our solutions cover Smart Cards, Identity Authentication, Hand reader and Fingerprint Scanners, Iris Recognition, Vain and Facial Recognition, Voice identification, Middleware and Software, Multimodel Biometrics, and Biometric Sensors and Detectors.



Types of facilities covered

  • Port of entry
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Political Gathering/Event
  • Government sector

We provide security services that match your needs and budget!

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