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Control Room Management

We supply high-tech monitoring systems so you could take control of your surrounding.

The control room is the heart of the plant and the security systems management’s focal point. Scopsis is a specialist in cutting-edge monitoring solutions for the following primary applications: Security Cameras, Home and Business Surveillance Systems, CCTV Monitoring, and Mobile Radio Communication. Physical conditions, including temperature, humidity and door status are also checked. Additionally, we deliver anti-intruder and anti-fire systems with alarms detection, giving you full control and visibility using our push technology, so you can receive immediate notification of any critical events by remotely accessing your cameras from your smart phone or any computer in the world to receive optimized live-view videos and access real time event and service level data.



Types of facilities covered

  • Port of entry
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Political Gathering/Event
  • Government sector

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