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That new technology you are hopping on could also be all the trend now, however, can anyone commit it to memory this point next year? Trends in technology will fade quickly as advancements are enrolled at lightning.
So, that trends in 2018 can still grow into 2019?
Here’s a glance at many of the hot trends in software system development Blockchain, artificial intelligence machine learning, progressive internet apps, low code, and security.


Blockchain gained in quality because of the Bitcoin revolution. Now, industries and corporations are adopting Blockchain development rapidly. Blockchain represents a technology enabling a peer-to-peer network of connected devices to store information instead of accepting central computers and defined locations. This development gives the ability to interact and show large-scale transactions quickly and while not valuable intermediaries. Corporations in software system development, as well as healthcare software system, are seeking broader applications in administration, provide chain, and medical information, to streamline processes.

Artificial intelligence machine-learning

Artificial intelligence machine learning AI also will still gain in importance. Some estimates show that almost forty percent of companies could also be exploitation AI to automate their businesses by as early as next year. By integration solutions to execute specific tasks, these businesses gain the competitive edge and supply a higher-quality serviceability for customers. Practical applications embrace voice-responsive home assistants, insight-as-a-service, big information, and smartphones. Facebook, Google, and Slack are the authority figure in AI development, and Google plans to base its algorithms on AI technology in the close to future.

Progressive internet apps

Progressive internet apps PWAs are after all websites or web content, however, look and act like typical apps or native mobile applications. These provide the most effective options of the most recent browser technology, with the benefits of the mobile ability. These apps have gained considerable steam and may be expected to continue powerfully into the coming years. Google, particularly, has begun developing browser options that perform like mobile apps, so providing an equal level of user expertise. PWAs are less advanced to develop and support than standard mobile apps that add to their quality.

Low Code Development

Low code development is passing typical waterfall app development, as a result of the latter could be a labor-intensive attempt. With low code development, tedious repetitive development tasks are machine-driven, that the need for a technical analyst or progress team disappears.


The headlines report cyber-attacks on giant corporations, however, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups are progressively acknowledging the necessity for software system security. It was based that fifty-five percent of small-to-mid-sized businesses had experienced some sort of cyber-attack. If your business uses the net, has a digital presence with cloud accounts and a website, then it’s in danger of a breach. Most attacks occur through the machine-driven malicious software system that explores for vulnerable networks and computers despite size. So, what lies ahead? These 5 trends can carry through into 2019 and on the far side, and that they might even spawn extra technology advancements that might profit your business in the future.

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